WTFDYW "Men's Group" for Women

A sisterhood of women dedicated to creating truly exceptional relationships with men.


Some women have given up on having truly fulfilling, authentic, relationships with men. They either settle for what seems to be available (often crumbs), or disavow the male gender entirely.

Those women are not you. 

You understand that men process emotions differently, and even if it feels at times that men don't care or aren't listening, you're committed to learning to work with the differences.

This is a group of women (facilitated, humbly, by a man) who come together weekly to examine their habits and patterns in relationship & sexuality, connect with each other, and (on select occasions) invite men into their process.

Limited to 15 women.

Thursdays @ 5:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern.

First meeting 7/25/24. 

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"Am I just broken?" a question I've often heard women ask. How do they keep attracting (insert your descriptor of choice: narcissists, unavailable men, uncommitted men, men they're not attracted to)?

That, or "is it even *possible* to have a good relationship with a man I'm romantically or sexually involved with?" or "Do good men even exist?"

In this group we'll dive into *your* experience with men and see what we can't tease out to make your engagements with men just a little bit easier.

And, if you really lean in, you'll make some female friends along the way.

I'm running a few men's groups concurrently, so this is a good way to help re-pattern your masculine templating to include men who are "doing the work" and, perhaps, deepen your own understanding of how you relate (and have related) to men.

This group is for you if...



  • You come with a sense of humility, and truly desire to grow.
  • You are capable of receiving well-intended feedback without becoming defensive. Both from me and your fellow women. I am sensitive to the fact that I am a man facilitating this group, and you're not going to find me railroading you into my perspective. Rather, I ask that we hold the frame of gentle *inquiry* over accusation or calling out.
  • You understand the value of commitment, and have a growth mindset. If you're just wanting to do things the way you've always done them, or you want to complain without evolving your approach to life, this is not your space.
  • You are accepting of people of all faiths, ethnicities, and sexual orientations. You have cultivated curiosity towards life and your fellow humans.
  • You have integrity, and can be relied upon to honor your word. You value repair if and when that proves impossible.
  • You are dedicated to understanding men and taking responsibility for your own relationships with them. If you have an axe to grind or need to be heard for your challenges with men, that is more than welcome in this space. However, your commitment is to come out the other side of the conversation with clarity and positive action.


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"I feel like I told myself for a long time that I, as resourceful as I am, and as much as I had explored, had access to all sorts of tools and strategies. It was just a matter of needing to kick myself in the pants and have the motivation to use them. After going through Depth Sexuality, I realize I *didn't* have all the tools. I'm more aware of the uncertainties and insecurities I had before, and the tools that I need to move forward are now clear to me. As an entourage. They complement one another."


"My partner is *very* happy I found Michael. I used to approach sexuality as a primarily physical activity, and now I am sensitive to the more subtle energies involved."

Jack S

"I have worked with Michael Author for about 10 months now and I highly recommend him. What really set him apart was his ability to see me where I was. I am now a more confident person and I have a few women orbiting around me whereas I was previously limited to birds with broken wings."

Olivier W.
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Michael Author

Michael Author has spent over a decade in the trenches after leaving his career as an English professor, first developing his own sexuality consciously, and then 7 years supporting hundreds of men to connect to their healthy masculinity, address sexual insecurities or performance concerns, and create powerful relationships. His background is in western esoteric magick and neo-tantra, and he specializes in helping men who are in times of transition to recreate their lives and their sexuality to fit more completely with their deepest soul-led desires.

Please note that, although the language I use on this page speaks primarily to heterosexual, cisgender, men (who are the bulk of my clientele), Depth Sexuality can be of equal value to queer, gay, and trans-men who are tops, sides, or are versatile as well as to gender nonbinary individuals who were assigned male at birth. Any man or male-bodied individual is welcome here.