What the F#$% Do You Want?


I want to improve my sex life, become sexually abundant, or master my sexual energy for increased productivity, confidence, and success.

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I want to develop my heart, my relational skills, and my emotional intelligence. I want to create the quality relationship(s) that I have always craved.

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I want to increase my confidence, my earning potential, my charisma, and/or my influence. I want to understand how to hold myself with clarity and integrity.

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If you're here, chances are that you want more from life than you're currently experiencing.

You see the vast majority of people operating on autopilot, barely tolerating their jobs, phoning in their relationships, having routine or meaningless s*x, addicted to their screens, barely managing not to hate their lives. Perhaps that has been you, or perhaps it IS you.

Either way, you've reached a point where you're willing to do something about it.

You want to be living a life that excites you.

And admitting that is the first step.




I'm Michael Author. You may or may not have heard of me, and frankly it doesn't matter. I could be a complete nobody or the most famous influencer in the world. What matters is the role I play in the lives of others.

I am a sexual-spiritual mentor and a catalyst for transformation.

I wasn't always called Michael Author. I chose the name when I decided I'd had enough of the life that had been handed to me. And, make no mistake, I had been handed a shit sandwich.

I made a *choice* to re-create myself from the ground up. To truly *live* my life on my terms and shed the identity I had as a college English professor.

Since that choice in 2013, I worked for a transformational coaching company for eight years, started a s*x cult, helped institute reforms in a major s*xuality-based community, created a viral online quiz about relationships and non-monogamy, made a fortune, lost all of it and became nomadic, and started a community based on dream and shadow work.

My life is at its halfway point, and it has already been rich. Yours should be no different.

Let's talk.



I work with people in three capacities. With their dreams, their sexuality and relationships, and their sense of purpose. Click on "Learn more" to find more information, free offerings, and my scheduling & booking pages for each category.


For those who desire to harness the power of their dreams for greater clarity of purpose, and to see those things about themselves they would not otherwise see.

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Male Sexuality & Relationships.

For men who wish to achieve mastery of their sexual energy, overcome the "performance" mindset & learn advanced transmutation techniques.

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For those who want a deeper relationship over time.

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"There is something magical about exploring dreams. If there is one person who I would want to captain a ship to travel to the land of dreams it would be Michael. In joining the Dreaming Society I accessed a part of the mind I had forgotten existed, and created possibilities I had not predicted."

Jake Trigg

"I have wanted to offer a coaching program for years. I was scared. I had doubts. I didn’t know what to do. Michael helped me make my vision concrete, and then supported (and pushed) me enough to make it happen. His suggestions have been priceless. "

John "Halcyon" Styn
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