Becoming an attuned lover starts with YOU.

A world of sexual experiences waits just out of the reach of men who only want to give pleasure to a lover, or who seek to uncover the secret to more or better sex. If you would like to experience these pleasures, here is a riddle for you to solve:

It waits for you in a place where feet cannot tread. It offers immeasurable pleasure, but it's not a person, an experience, or an object. It is not something you can work harder to attain.

No one alive has ever seen where it lives, and yet it is where we all, in our most raw and vulnerable moments, strive to go.

It will not be chased.
It cannot be captured.
It defies rational explanation.
It cannot be granted to you by anyone.
You cannot take it from anyone, either.
It cannot be mastered or predicted.
It cannot be replicated, faked, or imitated.
It cannot be found on a map or a diagram.
It cannot be located, either within the body or outside of it.

What is it?

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Who is this for?


This workshop is for men, and designed for male bodies. Ideally, you:

  • Desire greater depth of connection with yourself and your partner (if applicable).
  • Want to learn tools for greater s3xual pleasure, ej@culatory¬†choice, and somatic awareness.
  • Wish to connect with like-minded men on a path of growth.
  • Understand that the body is a portal to experiences that defy simple, linear, explanations.
  • View valuing and committing to your own growth as a revolutionary act that can clear generational trauma and patterning.
  • Approach life with a beginner's mind and a sense of humor. You want to know what you do not know, and are delighted by it.
  • Enjoy slowing down, or at the very least know that you want practice doing so.

Workshop Format


Length: 2 Hours

Delivery: Digital Product (video).

Investment: $97

All participants will receive a 9-minute body-based audio meditation from Nyle upon registration. 

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Nyle MacFarlane

Nyle is an Occupational Therapist with a specialty in holistic manual therapies that consider the mind-body-spirit interplay. They are uniquely trained in a variety of fascial therapy modalities with over 15 years of clinical experience in the field of pain management. Nyle combines their science background with their reverence for spirituality and humanity, in order to create a trauma-informed and compassionate container for healing the old wounds and the karmic patterns that keep us stuck in pain cycles.

Michael Author

Michael is a transformational sorcerer who has employed the tools of esoteric magic and conscious sexuality with hundreds of professionals, fringe dwellers, and entrepreneurs to uncover the sacred core of their own being since 2014. He specializes in helping men turn their times of transition into moments of glory, and use their sexual energy to fulfill their deepest desires and dreams.