Most people don't know what to do with their dreams.

You will.

Far from being random bits of mental detritus, your dreams have always had a message for you. Have you been listening? I have created a free E-Book that will set you on the path to conscious dream spelunking.

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Dreams are the key to a life aligned with your purpose. 


When many folks first begin personal development work in earnest, they may buy into the hype that so many coaches and spiritual influencers throw out there.

"Manifest your desires."

"Crush your goals."

"Know your value."

On and on we could list the platitudes splayed out to get you to join their masterminds or social media groups. Some of them have value, and some are just hustlers.

At the end of the day, no one can know your path but you.

...but if your conscious mind knew what it needed to do to find the relationships that are meant for you, to heal your trauma, or start living with a deeper sense of purpose



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So, how can dreams help?


Your dreams are constantly showing you the next area of focus for you. They're like a coach that's always with you. And if you're not dreaming, it's quite likely that somewhere along the way you lost the thread of your life's alignment.

The work I do with dreams is slow, and highly intuitive. I combine my 8 years of coaching experience and 20+ years as a practitioner of magick to help you excavate what your unconscious mind wishes you to see.

This work only needs to be done once. I help you begin to see the patterns, but once you've integrated the techniques and practices of dreamwalking, it's a skill you keep for the rest of your life.

What dreamwork can help you develop:

  • Greater connection with your own sense of purpose.
  • A deeper understanding of your foundational traumas.
  • A profound connection to your spiritual lineage, your guides, and your ancestors.
  • Connections with like-minded individuals that go far beyond surface-level reality.

I work with clients in group settings in The Dreaming Society, and 1:1 in private sessions.


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