Welcome to the Dreaming Society application.

Who are you? Who have you been? This is your opportunity to have your secrets held in total confidence. Should your application indicate your suitability, you may be offered the opportunity to speak with us and join the Dreaming Society.

But first: watch the video below for a bit about our community ethos and why we have built a community based on the Dreamtime.


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Some degree of curation is required for a healthy community vibe. Your application will be limited to the following eyes:



is a Transformational Sorcerer who has taken it upon himself to create a dreaming modality and a community dedicated to the power of dreams. He has been a men's coach, a university professor, a photographer, a writer, and is generally uninterested in impressing others with his list of qualifications.


is an unashamed Utopian Visionary who thinks that Wise Women are essential to every healthy community.
She is a Certified Fraud Examiner, elder Goth and lifelong resident of North Carolina, where she resides in a Crone Hovel with her teens. In the future she plans to frequently disappear just like Gandalf and reappear where you least expect her.



is a symbolic magician/witch with a specialization in Western esoteric traditions, yoga, and dance/movement. She is needlessly organized and fastidious, and uses that tendency along with her big heart to support others on the path of awakening and recovery from unhealthy patterning.