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The Beginning

An immersive three-day retreat for dreamers, visionaries, and changemakers on a private sanctuary in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. We screen all potential attendees, so you must apply if you wish to join us.

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What should I expect?

Learn & Practice Conscious Dreamwork

The Dreaming Society stands for the power of our unconscious mind, the mycelial blooms that are our dreams.

This retreat offers an introduction to the cultivation of a powerful dreamwork practice.

You will have the opportunity to journey with potent oneirogens and practice collective dreaming.

Relax & Unplug in a Mountain Sanctuary

Although we're only about 20 miles from Asheville, Mountain Light Sanctuary feels like a different world, a fae realm.

Here, anything is possible, and the land amplifies your innate magick. You will have access to a mountain creek for swimming, two saunas, outdoor kitchen and yoga pavilion, hammocks, and a wide variety of rustic accommodations.

Connect with Other Consciousness Explorers

The Dreaming Society attracts some of the most interesting people you will have the privilege to meet.

We have been running for two years and, after a one-year hiatus, this event marks the beginning of a new chapter in the organization.

This is your opportunity to create your Beginning by participating in a greater collective Beginning.

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Day 1: Who are you done being?

  • Arrival - Time to settle into lodgings and acquaint yourself with Mountain Light Sanctuary
  • Opening Circle - Introductions, intention setting and meet your fellow dreamers
  • Welcome dinner
  • Sauna Time - Mental and physical purification. Sweat out what you no longer need and leave behind what no longer serves you
  • Introduction to the basics of dream journaling
  • Dreamtime đŸ’«

Day 2: Who are you becoming?

  • Morning: Dream sharing and possible interpretations 
  • Morning Somatic Journey w/Nyle MacFarlane
  • Nature walks and exploration of stone circles, fairy streams, Goddess temple etc. 
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Introduction to Lucid Dreaming 
  • Evening Oneirogen Workshop
  • Dinner
  • DreamtimeÂ đŸ’«

Day 3: How will you do that?

  • Morning: Dream sharing and possible interpretations 
  • Morning Movement Practice
  • Crafting workshop
  • Lunch
  • Evening Sigil/ Symbol creation session
  • Dinner 
  • Evening bonfire and closing ceremony
  • DreamtimeÂ đŸ’«Â 

Frequently Asked Questions

Dreaming Society Castle

"The Beginning" Registration



  • Sleeping accommodations for 1 on property for 3 nights
  • Vegetarian Food Included (Professional on-staff chef)
  • Parking included, or we can help accommodate transportation from Asheville airport
  • A curated group of high-quality dreamers and mystics.
  • 2 Days, 3 Nights on magickal land, plus introductory and integration calls.
  • Early bird discount until 6/31
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Other Dreamers Have Said:

A Note From the Creators

Michael Author

Three years ago I created the Dreaming Society as a way to come out of a dark night of the soul.

I was shown through a series of prophetic dreams that this was the direction (in part) I needed to be taking my life.

I put out the call, and many answered. I gathered four rounds of dreamers over the course of two years who dove into conscious dreamwork and shifted the very way they approached their lives.

I asked everyone who joined The Dreaming Society to envision a Castle that contained their dreams and the dreams of the collective. This request was both a mnemonic device for dream recall and an intention for a literal, physical, castle.

Two years later, and that intention has become manifest through unexpected means. This is your opportunity to begin again with The Dreaming Society.

Minty Reeves

My chaotic sleep and intense nightmares led me to the first round of The Dreaming Society. 

I would have restless nights interspersed with nightmares that were so intense that I would long for the reprieve of insomnia. Clearly there were things to address in my waking life that were feeding the monsters in my subconscious.

The Dreaming Society provided me with a framework that I used to completely alter my relationship to sleep and dreaming. The knowledge and tools provided in the course itself allowed me to totally revise my sleep hygiene and to create and integrate a night time routine. This in turn lead to healthy sleep cycles and the ability to remember and record my dreams.

The community aspect of The Dreaming Society supplied a safe space for me to share my personal insights and vulnerabilities with other dedicated dreamers. I was able to turn inwards and analyse the messages in my dreams and realise that everything I need is inside, and I just needed some guidance to be able to tap into that great wisdom. This allowed me to tune into the parts of me I had been hiding from and rejecting, and from that space embark on my own personal alchemical process of transmuting what was no longer serving me and transforming that into something more aligned.

The Dreaming Society had such a profound effect on me that I am honoured that in its rebirthing process Michael asked me to partner with him on this next chapter. I am delighted to be quite literally “living the dream".