$97.00 USD

Sexual Somatics for Men 1-7 Digital Product

This 2-hour workshop for men is designed to transmit a set of practices that will place you on the path to uniting your mind with your body in the context of your sexual relationship with yourself. What you experience here will echo forward in time to massively expand the sexual potential of your relationships with others.

Virtual Workshop

Workshop Offerings:

  • Practice foundational self-treatment practices for releasing the vital psoas and low back muscles.
  • Discover the hidden key to unlock full sexual confidence.
  • Learn the foundation of full-body, energetic orgasms.
  • Reduce reliance on pornography or external stimulation to connect with your own arousal.
  • Acquire techniques that you can use *immediately* to create powerful shifts within your relationships.
  • Address feelings of sexual shame and/or neediness in a confidential container.

This workshop is co-facilitated by Nyle MacFarlane and Michael Author, and is pre-recorded with YOU in mind. After purchase you will be sent login information via email that will show you how to access the product by logging in to wtfdyw.com.